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Tian, Y,Chai, Q,Meng, YC,Liu, YL,Ren, J,Wang, S,Zhang, JZ,Zhang, WP,Lewis, E,Yang, J,Liu, ZH,Yuan, LB
Ieee Photonics Technology Letters
An Overlap-Splicing-Based Cavity in FBG Sensor for the Measurement of Strain and Temperature
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Fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot cavity overlap splicing strain and temperature measurement BRAGG GRATING CAVITY FIBER
A novel and simple overlap-splicing-based scheme is described to realize a shape-controllable Fabry-Perot cavity in a fiber bragg grating (FBG). A Gaussian function with a constant waist width is used to fit the cavity shape and its maximum value is decided by the overlap value. Non-uniform strain distribution along the FBG is introduced by the Gaussian shape cavity when stress is applied on the FBG. Using this method, it is possible to optimize the discrimination capability of the strain and temperature response of the FBG device. Experimental and simulation results are provided to support the feasibility of this method.
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