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Tian, K,Xin, YF,Yang, WL,Geng, T,Ren, J,Fan, YX,Farrell, G,Lewis, E,Wang, PF
Journal Of Lightwave Technology
A Curvature Sensor Based on Twisted Single-Mode-Multimode-Single-Mode Hybrid Optical Fiber Structure
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Curvature sensor Mach-Zehnder interferometer multimode interference temperature dependence HIGH-SENSITIVITY INTERFERENCE TEMPERATURE REFRACTOMETER STRAIN FBG
An optical fiber curvature sensor based on a twisted multimode fiber (MMF) sandwiched between two single-mode fibers (SMF) is proposed and investigated theoretically and experimentally. The measured transmission spectrum exhibits good agreement with theoretical predictions. Compared with a traditional single-mode-multimode-single-mode fiber structure sensor, the proposed configuration offers a higher average curvature sensitivity of -2.42 nm/m(-1) over a curvature measurement range of 0-1.7390 m(-1) and -7.09 dB/m(-1) at an operating wavelength of 1537 nm. The temperature sensitivity of this sensor has been determined as 0.01 nm/degrees C over a wavelength range of 1535-1550 nm and circa 0.007 dB/degrees C at the wavelength of 1537 nm, over a measured temperature range of 21-121 degrees C.
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