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Slattery, D. M. and Cleary, Y.
IEEE Professional Communication Conference (ProComm 2017)
Use of Collaboration Assignments to Support Online Learning Communities
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Collaboration assignments learning communities information and communication technologies online learning
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
During the past few decades, increased use of information and communication technologies has led to educational innovations such as synchronous and asynchronous online collaboration tools and learning management systems. The range of information and communication technologies that are now available can support many types of collaboration that would have been previously impossible. Instructors can use information and communication technologies to facilitate collaboration that might not otherwise take place between on-campus and online learners, and between learners in different countries and universities. In collaborative learning environments, a community of inquiry supports student learning. Successful learning communities can increase learner motivation, facilitate deep learning, and reduce the potential isolation that online learners often experience. This paper provides an overview of relevant literature. The paper then outlines collaboration assignments that postgraduate students undertake in technical communication and instructional design courses. Many instructors are interested in developing their awareness of, and expertise in, innovative online teaching practices; to that end, this paper presents a number of teaching cases. 
School of Culture and Communication and Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Committee
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