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Dermot Francis Donnelly, John O'Reilly, Oliver McGarr
European Science Education Research Association (ESERA)
Building blocks for PCK: A conceptual framework to support Shulman’s original construct
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Lyon, France
The ever expanding and increasingly detailed research emerging within PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge) discourse looks at first glance like complex webs of varying and disjointed theory development with at times broadly differing conceptualizations that are odds with each other. This contrasts strongly with Shulman’s original conception in 1986 that was relatively simplistic in nature i.e. that PCK is the amalgam of pedagogy and content. Based on a review of relevant research literature this theoretical paper presents a conceptual framework for PCK that integrates the original construct proposed by Shulman while maintaining his original description of PCK. This framework may prove a useful tool to researchers in allowing the encapsulation of other knowledge areas within Shulman’s original conception of PCK.
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