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Ahmad B. Albadarin, Collins, M.N., Naushad, M., Shirazian, S., Walker, G., Mangwandi, C.
Chemical Engineering Journal
Activated lignin-chitosan extruded blends for efficient adsorption of methylene blue
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Lignin Chitosan Blends; extrusion; Activated carbon
This work investigates the production of activated lignin-chitosan extruded (ALiCE) pellets with controlled particle size distribution (almost spherical: dp 5001000 lm) for efficient methylene blue (MB) adsorption. The novel preparation method employed in this study successfully produced activated lignin-chitosan pellets. Structural and morphological characterizations were performed using BET, FTIR and SEM-EDX analyses. The influence of contact time, solution pH, ionic strength, initial adsorbate concentration and desorption studies was investigated. The experimental data fitted well with the Langmuir isotherm (R2 = 0.997), yielding a maximum adsorption capacity of 36.25 mg/g. The kinetic data indicated that MB adsorption onto ALiCE can be represented by the pseudo second-order-model with intraparticle processes initially controlling the process of MB adsorption. Overall, these results indicate that the novel ALiCE offers great potential for removing cationic organic pollutants from rivers and streams.
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