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Nasopoulou, C; Lutoudi, K; Zabetakis I
European Journal Of Lipid Science And Technology
Evaluation of olive pomace in the production of novel broilers with enhanced in vitro antithrombotic properties
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Functional broiler meat; Olive pomace; Antithrombotic activity; Sensory evaluation
Several attempts have been made not only to improve nutritional value of broilers but also to attenuate dependence on raw materials such as corn in compounded broilers feed. Therefore the aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of diets enriched with olive pomace (OP) on Ross 308 broilers growth performance, sensory characteristics and nutritional value in terms of cardioprotection. Broilers were fed four experimental diets containing 0 % OP (control group), 2.5 % OP (group A), 5.0 % OP (group B) and 7.5 % OP (group C). The obtained broiler meat samples were evaluated for their lipid and phenol content and their in vitro antithrombotic properties according to biological assay in human platelets. Groups B and C exhibited significantly increased (P < 0.05) growth rate compared to the ones of control group. Additionally group B exhibited significantly more potent (P < 0.05) in vitro antithrombotic properties (EC50 = 10.50.92) compared to the ones of control group (EC50 = 42021.3). Grilled broiler meat of group B was found to have acceptable sensory properties. The overal conclusion of this paper is the potential use of OP in compounded broilers feed in the production of functional broilers meat.
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The present research was partially supported by the company Sparta Life S.A., grant number 12347.