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Slattery, D. M.
A Manual for Blended Mobility
Limoges, France
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This manual has been designed for teachers, researchers, and course administrators involved in developing online programmes. For that reason, it has been written in accessible language and avoids being overly prescriptive.Section 1 introduces the EUCERMAT project, which is concerned with the promotion of the field of ceramic and material science and the development of educational programmes in that area.Section 2 deals with the setting-up and recognition of international common modules in the field of ceramic and material science, but some of the guidelines will be useful to faculty members in other disciplines who are thinking of developing international modules.Section 3 has been written for teachers in any discipline and describes how best to design and develop online materials. Some of the guidelines can be used in on-campus, blended, and fully online courses.Section 3 also provides some practical guidelines for EUCERMAT teachers, to ensure a consistent look-and-feel for their online courses, but the guidelines may of use to teachers in other disciplines also.The appendices comprise links to useful resources for teaching and learning online.
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