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Yonit Kosovske (piano, photography, seminar organizer), Pauline Graham, Marieke Krajenbrink
Die Winterreise, Franz Schubert
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Tower Seminar on Romanticism, Lieder, and Schubert's Die Winterreise
Dr Pauline Graham, soprano Dr Yonit Kosovske, piano In this performance the musicians departed from the traditional stage format as the vocalist wandered throughout the audience situated freely throughout the room. Listeners were invited to bring their own yoga mats as they participated in an auditory and visual meditation. Yonit’s photography accompanied the music—each image an interpretation of Wilhelm Müller's poetry that Schubert so artfully set to music. Collaborating on this project was Dr Marieke Krajenbrink, who presented a fantastic pre-concert lecture about Müller’s poems in the context of German Romanticism and Lieder.
Theatre 1, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick
Irish World Academy of Music and Dance
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