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McMahon, K;Fitzpatrick, C;Johnson, M
Implementing "preparation for re-use" in WEEE management: an analysis of the European experience & recommendations for ireland
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Proper treatment of waste plays an important role ifs global concerns regarding resource efficiency and climate change. Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WERE) is of particular importance due to high use of critical resources and production/recycling energy as well as the potential for toxic pollution when improperly disposed of Preparation for re-use plays an important role in alleviating these issues.Within Ireland the regulated preparation tor re-use sector exists in an embryonic stage. a his paper identifies supports, through analysis ot EU systems, 10 encourage the growth of the Irish system in the fonn of recommendations for policy makers, providing a baseline for other systems to do the same.EU member states reporting the highest re-use rates of LHA and IT equipment were identified through Eurostat datm analysis ot the barriers/facilitators to this success within each country was conducted through interviews with reportedly successful organizations, Subsequently, Irish stakeholders were interviewed in order to record input on the current system, contrast it with successful models and identify what action might be needed to move forward.Several themes were identified through these analyses as related to success in preparation tor re-use activities including involvement ot social enterprises, access to equipment, segregation of waste with potential for rouse at the earliest point possible, adherence to quality national/international standards, a positive relationship with the Producer Representative Organizations responsible for enabling access to the materials, and implementation of targets when necessary. Recommendations are presented in regards to policy supporting preparation tor re-use in the Irish system.
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