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Ali MM;Lim KS;Yang HZ;Chong WY;Lim WS;Ahmad H;
Applied Optics
Direct period measurement for fiber Bragg grating using an optical imaging technique.
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This paper proposes an approach based on an optical imaging technique for the period measurement of fiber Bragg gratings (FBG). The simple, direct technique involves a differential interface contrast (DIC) microscope and a high-resolution CCD camera. Image processing is performed on the microscope images to obtain low-noise grating profiles and then the grating periods. Adopting a large image sample size in the image processing can reduce uncertainty. During the investigation, FBGs of different grating periods are fabricated by prestraining the photosensitive fibers during the UV-writing process. A good linearity between the measured Bragg wavelengths and grating periods is observed and the measured strain-optics coefficient was found to be in agreement with reported literature.
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