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Wang X.;Tian K.;Yuan L.;Lewis E.;Farrell G.;Wang P.
Journal Of Lightwave Technology
A High-Temperature Humidity Sensor Based on a Singlemode-Side Polished Multimode-Singlemode Fiber Structure
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high temperature Humidity sensor side polished fiber surface roughness
1983-2012 IEEE. A relative humidity (RH) sensor based on a simple singlemode-side polished multimode-singlemode (SSPMS) fiber hybrid structure is investigated, which is capable of working over a relatively higherature range, at which many RH sensors based on moisture sensitive material coatings cannot operate. The beam propagation method is used to analyze the light transmission characteristics within the side polished multimode fiber (SPMMF) structure. Experimental results show that the SPMMF surface roughness has a significant influence on the sensor's humidity sensing performance, as a result of the adsorption and desorption of water molecules along the side polished surface. A higher surface roughness results in an increased RH sensitivity. It is concluded that the SSPMS fiber structure based RH sensor can achieve around 0.069 dB/%RH within the humidity range of 30%RH-90%RH for a temperature range of 70 C to 90 C. In addition, the temperature cross-sensitivity has been investigated experimentally. The developed fiber optic sensor in this investigation provides a simple and effective approach for RH measurement in a variety of production applications.
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