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Dooly G.;Mulrooney J.;Merlone-Borla E.;Flavia G.;Clifford J.;Fitzpatrick C.;Lewis E.
Conference Record - IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference
In-situ monitoring of carbon dioxide emissions from a diesel automobile using a mid-infrared optical fibre based point sensor
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Carbon dioxide Emissions Exhaust Mid-infrared Optical fibre sensor Spectroscopy
This paper describes an optical fibre based system suitable for monitoring the presence of carbon dioxide in the exhaust system of a motor vehicle. Conventional automotive pollution sensors fail to meet monitoring requirements as specified by the European Commission for various reasons. The sensor was designed using low cost and compact mid-infrared components, which make it suitable for insertion into a vehicle. The response of the sensor to carbon dioxide supplied from a cylinder in the laboratory is presented. In addition results taken in-situ in an exhaust of a Fiat Croma diesel engine are presented. 2008 IEEE.
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