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Van Hoof W.;Volkaerts K.;O'Sullivan K.;Verschueren S.;Dankaerts W.
Sport En Geneeskunde
Cognitive functional therapy intervention including biofeedback for LBP during cycling: A single case study
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Cycling Flexion Pattern Low back pain (LBP) Lumbar postural control Rehabilitation
Low back pain (LBP) is a common problem among cyclists. However, the efficacy of a specific rehabilitation approach for reducing LBP during cycling has not been evaluated. In this case study, a cognitive functional therapy (CFT) intervention including biofeedback was used to modify lumbo-pelvic posture and to reduce LBP during cycling. The cyclist had a clear "Flexion Pattern" LBP disorder and completed a two-hour outdoor cycling task before and after the CFT intervention. Lumbo-pelvic posture was measured using a wireless monitoring system (BodyGuard┐). The numerical pain rating scale was used to measure the level of pain. The CFT intervention was provided over a one-month period. The use of CFT including biofeedback significantly reduced lumbo-pelvic flexion and the LBP reported during cycling (p=0.01). The results from this case study suggest that a specific CFT intervention including biofeedback on lumbo-pelvic posture could be a useful rehabilitation strategy for reducing LBP in this subgroup of cyclists.
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