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Fitzpatrick C.;Flanagan C.;Lyons W.;Lewis E.
Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks
A novel multi-point luminescent coated ultra violet fibre sensor utilising pattern recognition
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This paper reports on a novel multi-point (3 sensors) luminescent-coated fibre which utilises Artificial Neural Network (ANN) pattern recognition techniques to interpret its output. Sections of the fibres cladding are removed and replaced with a phosphor doped epoxy that emits visible light when stimulated with ultra-violet (UV) radiation. The various sensing locations utilise phosphors with different emission wavelengths resulting in individual spectral peaks for each of the sensing points. The system described is therefore capable of measuring levels of UV exposure at multiple points on a single fibre loop. The optical sensor system is interrogated using a fibre optic spectrometer. The signal analysis is performed using ANN, which allows interpretation and classification of the resulting complex spectral patterns containing spectral cross coupling due to the phosphor emission overlap from the separate sensing points. Initial measurements were trained using a feed forward ANN, and the system was 100% successful in classification of all subsequent test samples analysed on the trained network, some of which are presented.
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