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Cleary Y.;Slattery D.M.;Marcus-Quinn A.
International Journal On E-Learning: Corporate, Government, Healthcare, And Higher Education
Parallel online, on-campus, and blended programme delivery: Challenges and strategies
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Blended delivery On-campus delivery Online delivery Parallel delivery Teaching online
© 2018, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. All rights reserved. Higher education institutions are under increasing pressure to offer online postgraduate programmes. Although it is reasonably common to convert existing programmes to online or blended delivery modes, it is unusual to offer a programme simultaneously in online, on-campus, and blended delivery modes. This paper describes the authors¿ experiences of offering an MA programme on-campus and in parallel online and blended delivery modes. It emphasises the use of theoretical models, including communities of inquiry, e-moder-ation, and e-tivities, in the pedagogical approach. Feedback from learners indicates that they benefit from the flexibility and community-centred programme design. Nevertheless, the programme requires institutional support into the future to remain sustainable in the three delivery modes.
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