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Van Hoof W.;Volkaerts K.;O'Sullivan K.;Verschueren S.;Dankaerts W.
Sport En Geneeskunde
Comparison of lumbar postural control in cyclists with low back pain (flexion pattern) and an asymptomatic control group: Field study using a new postural measurement system
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Back pain Flexion pattern Postural control
Objective: To examine lumbar postural control during cycling and it's relation with low back pain (LBP). Material and methods: Eight cyclists with non-specific chronic LBP (NS-CLBP) and a Flexion Pattern (FP) and nine asymptomatic cyclists participated in a two hour outdoor cycling task. Spinal kinematics (expressed as a percentage of the total lumbo-pelvic flexion) were measured with a wireless remote monitoring system (BodyGuard). Levels of pain were measured at start, every 15 minutes during and at 0.5, 1, 2 en 24 hours after cycling using a numerical pain rating scale (0-10). The average lumbo-pelvic posture, the posture per 12 intervals of 10 minutes and the postural variation of this posture were analysed and compared between the 2 groups. Results: NS-CLBP (FP) subjects were significantly more flexed at the lower lumbar spine during cycling compared to healthy controls (p=0.018), and reported a significant increase in pain during cycling (p<0.001). Conclusion: In a specific subgroup of cyclists with NS-CLBP (FP) the inherent underlying maladaptive motor control pattern (FP) results in a more flexed lumbo-pelvic posture during cycling that is related to a significant increase in pain.
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