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Dong H.;Zhao W.;Sun T.;Grattan K.;Al-Shamma'A A.;Wei C.;Mulrooney J.;Clifford J.;Fitzpatrick C.;Lewis E.;Degner M.;Ewald H.;Lochmann S.;Bramann G.;Merlone Borla E.;Faraldi P.;Pidria M.
Measurement Science and Technology
Vibration-insensitive temperature sensing system based on fluorescence decay and using a digital processing approach
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Digital signal processing Optical fibre sensors Temperature measurements
A fluorescence-based temperature sensor system using a digital signal processing approach has been developed and evaluated in operation on a working automotive engine. The signal processing approach, using the least-squares method, makes the system relatively insensitive to intensity variations in the probe and thus provides more precise measurements when compared to a previous system designed using analogue phase-locked detection. Experiments carried out to determine the emission temperatures of a running car engine have demonstrated the effectiveness of the sensor system in monitoring exhaust temperatures up to 250 C, and potentially higher. 2006 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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