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Marwede M.;Schischke K.;Arranz P.;Hickey S.;Fitzpatrick C.;Ospina J.;Yang M.;Nissen N.;Lang K.
Electronics Goes Green 2012+, ECG 2012 - Joint International Conference and Exhibition, Proceedings
Methodology to identify design for recycling measures for high-tech sectors
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The European project 'Towards Zero Waste in Industrial Networks (ZeroWIN)' examines and develops new and innovative approaches and effective strategies for the prevention of waste in industries based on industrial symbiosis. Adhering to zero waste principles products can be designed in accordance to D4R (Design for Recycling, Repair, Refurbishment and Reuse) criteria. Considering D4R principles in product design can reduce environmental impacts not only at end-of-life, but also enhances recyclability of production waste in industrial networks and allows establishing service-oriented business models. This paper presents the methodology to identify relevant D4R measures for high-tech products. Selected technical feasible, economical and environmental sustainable D4R measures for a D4R PV system and a D4R laptop are shown. Furthermore measures to overcome technical and organizational challenges, which arouse during the D4R process, are discussed. 2012 Fraunhofer IZM.
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