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Ciolfi L.;Gray B.;D'Andrea A.
From Research to Practice in the Design of Cooperative Systems: Results and Open Challenges - Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems, COOP 2012
Social aspects of place experience in mobile work/life practices
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This chapter examines the importance of "where" mobile work/life practices occur. By discussing excerpts of data collected through in-depth interviews with mobile professionals, we focus on the importance of place for mobility, and highlight the social character of place and the intrinsically social motivations of workers when making decisions regarding where to move. In order to show how the experience of mobility is grounded within place as a socially significant construct, we concentrate on three analytical themes: place as an essential component of social/ collaborative work, place as expressive of organizational needs and characteristics, and place as facilitating a blending of work/life strategies and relationships. Springer-Verlag London 2012.
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