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Hickey S.;Fitzpatrick C.
IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment
Using feedback to enhance use phase efficiency of personal computers
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Feedback Personal Computers Power Management Use Phase
Power management (PM) enabling rates of Personal Computers (PCs) must increase in order to maximise the use phase efficiency of PC systems. The use of product integrated feedback to promote optimal use of available PM features is proposed and a method of implementation is demonstrated. Feedback is terms of use phase efficiency is achieved through the use of existing application program interface (API) calling functions. These functions are accessible in all current Microsoft Windows operating systems. The periodic provision of immediate direct feedback on usage in the form of environmental and monetary savings can increase user awareness on usage efficiency. This information used in conjunction with education on optimal configuration of PM settings for an inefficient usage pattern can promote more efficient computing and also serve to mitigate any portion of environmental impact incurred in PC lifetime extension activities.
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