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Laine A.;Byrne K.;Kiely G.;Tuittila E.
The short-term effect of altered water level on carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in a blanket bog
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Drainage Ecohydrology Flooding Methane Peatland Photosynthesis Racomitrium Respiration Rhynchospora alba Sphagnum
Peatlands play an important role in the global carbon (C) cycle, by acting as a large, long-term C sink. The C sink is sustained by a high water level that inhibits decomposition of organic matter. The C gas dynamics are therefore sensitive to changes in water level, and in climatically different years a peatland can vary from a sink to a source of C. We measured carbon dioxide (CO 2) and methane (CH 4) fluxes from vegetation communities ranging from hummocks to low lawns in a blanket bog. After a one-year calibration period the water level was both lowered and raised experimentally and the changes in vegetation composition and gas fluxes were monitored during a further year. In all vegetation communities the water level drawdown increased the respiration rate and decreased methane emission; rising water level decreased respiration and increased methane emissions. The effect of altered water level on photosynthesis depended on species composition. Water level drawdown decreased photosynthesis in most communities; rising water level decreased the photosynthesis of hummocks species, and increased the photosynthesis of Rhynchospora alba. Suoseura - Finnish Peatland Society.
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