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Kam W.;O'Keeffe M.;O'Sullivan K.;Mohammed W.;O'Keeffe S.;Lewis E.;Viphavakit C.
A validation study of a polymer optical fiber sensor for monitoring lumbar spine movement
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Lumbar spine movement Plastic optical fibre sensor Range of motion
2019 by the authors. This study aims to investigate the validity and reliability of a novel plastic optical fiber (POF) sensor, which was developed to measure the angles of flexion, extension and lateral bend at the lumbar region. The angles of flexion, extension and lateral bend for a standing position were measured simultaneously using both the novel POF sensor of this investigation and the commercial Biometrics goniometer instrument. Each movement had two steps of bending which were 10 and 20 based on inclinometer readings. The POF sensor had good intra-rater reliability (Intraclass correlation coefficient, ICC = 0.61 to 0.83). Bland-Altman plots were used to study the agreement using these two sensors. There were proportional differences and bias between the POF sensor and Biometrics goniometer, as the zero points did not lie in the percentage difference region in the Bland-Altman plots. The proportional difference between these two likely reflects the different sizes and thus, measurement regions of the two sensors. There was also strong correlation between the two sensors (r > 0.77). Hence, the POF sensor could be of potential utility in measuring lumbar range of motion (ROM) in a manner which is minimally invasive, and where discrete sections of the spine are under specific investigation.
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