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Walsh, J. N., O'Brien, M. P., and Slattery, D. M.
REALIA Research in Education and Learning Innovation Archives
Video Viewing Patterns Using Different Teaching Treatments: A Case Study Using YouTube Analytics
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learning analytics; YouTube videos; video-based instruction; viewing patterns; flipped classroom
This study explores the viewing patterns of 17 instructional videos in both a traditional and flipped classroom environment by 732 business students taking an IT-related module. While previous work has concentrated mainly on outputs(e.g. student satisfaction/results), this study focuses on how the nature of studentsí interactions with videos can be determined through a deep analysis of analytics data. The main findings show that there were less interactions with the instructional videos in the flipped classroom environment compared to the traditional environment, and that videos were used more as a revision aid prior to exams (in both environments) than as an ongoing support to develop skills during term. Implications of this study include the need for regular monitoring of how instructional videos are being used during termand the importance of undertaking a deeper analysis of analytics data as the initial summary data may be misleading.
University of Valencia, Spain
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