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Leahy T.M.;Kenny I.C.;Campbell M.J.;Warrington G.D.;Cahalan R.;Harrison A.J.;Lyons M.;Glynn L.G.;Purtill H.;Comyns T.M.
Physical Therapy In Sport
Injury surveillance and prevention practices across Rugby schools in Ireland
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Injury education Injury prevention Injury surveillance School rugby
2020 Elsevier Ltd Objectives: To ascertain the extent of injury surveillance and prevention practices currently in operation and the availability of qualified personnel across Rugby playing schools in the Republic of Ireland. Design: Cross-sectional survey design. Setting: Rugby playing schools across Ireland. Participants: The Rugby games master, head Rugby coach or teacher/coach with knowledge of all Rugby activities in the school. Results: Ninety-three Rugby playing schools responded and reported 356 (97% male, 3% female) school Rugby teams. Rugby injuries were formally monitored in 86% of schools. Injury recorders were primarily coaches (61%). Physiotherapy provision was available in 28% of schools, 14% of schools provided access to a medical doctor and 44% of schools provided access to an S&C coach. Structured warm-ups were undertaken in 66% of schools, weekly gym sessions in 49% of schools and 31% of schools did not implement any formal injury prevention measures. Conclusions: Injury monitoring practices, medical personnel accessibility and the frequency of injury prevention practices varies considerably across Rugby playing schools in Ireland. Future injury surveillance and prevention systems should be suitable for use by non-medical personnel and reflect the structural organisation of the school Rugby game so that data are not solely representative of the elite, well-resourced schools.
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