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Mooney B.;Agius D.;Kourousis K.I.
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
Cyclic plasticity of the as-built EOS maraging steel: Preliminary experimental and computational results
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Additive manufacturing Cyclic loading Low cycle fatigue Maraging steel Plasticity
2020 by the authors. This short communication offers a preliminary view on ongoing research conducted on the as-built EOS maraging steel 300. The material's cyclic elastoplastic characteristics under strain-controlled loading have been investigated experimentally. Specimens fabricated under two primary orientations, horizontally and vertically to the build plate, have been tested. The obtained stress-strain hysteresis loops exhibited symmetry, with the vertical specimen showing a higher plastic strain energy dissipation capability than the horizontal specimen. Modelling of the material's elastoplastic behaviour was performed with a commonly used kinematic hardening rule, combined with both isotropic and anisotropic yield functions and elasticity moduli. The obtained simulations of the hysteresis loops, from the implementation of these two plasticity models, indicate the advantage of the anisotropic modelling approach over the isotropic approach. The anisotropic plasticity model describes in a more representative way the inherent elastic and plastic anisotropy of the as-built material. Further research is underway to explore the low cycle fatigue performance of this additively manufactured metal.
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