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Breda Gray, Luigina Ciolfi and Aparecido Fabiano Pinatti de Carvalho,
Made to Work. Mobilising Contemporary Worklives
London and New York
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Knowledge Capitalism, Work, Mobility, Work from home, Gender, ICT, Digital Creatives, Academics
Made to Work analyses the conditions of mobile knowledge work (MKW) in contemporary worklives, contrasting and drawing parallels among three highly significant sectors of the Knowledge Economy: academia, information communication technology (ICT) management, and digital creative work. It introduces the concept of ‘corollary work’ to characterise the elusive work underpinning the configuration of workers, informational, technological, relational and infrastructural resources in (re)producing liveable worklives. It ultimately illuminates the myriad strands of corollary work that enable MKW to take place and contributes to emergent debates on how exploitation, at least in the domain of MKW, can be named, resisted and creatively subverted. In so doing, it opens up a conversation about the complex ways in which contemporary worklives are ‘made to work’, and about potential interventions to bring about more just worklife conditions in the future.
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Higher Education Authority, Ireland.; EUROPA Programme, European Commission