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Gleeson M;O'Dwyer K;Guerin S;Rice D;Thompson D;Tofail SAM;Silien C;Liu N;
Advanced Materials
Quantitative Polarization-Resolved Second-Harmonic-Generation Microscopy of Glycine Microneedles.
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Second-harmonic generation (SHG) is a nonlinear optical process that can provide disease diagnosis through characterization of biological building blocks such as amino acids, peptides, and proteins. The second-order nonlinear susceptibility tensor (2) of a material characterizes its tendency to cause SHG. Here, a method for finding the (2) elements from polarization-resolved SHG microscopy in transmission mode is presented. The quantitative framework and analytical approach that corrects for micrometer-scale morphology and birefringence enable the determination and comparison of the SHG susceptibility tensors of - and -phase glycine microneedles. The maximum nonlinear susceptibility coefficients are d33 = 15 pm V-1 for the and d33 = 5.9 pm V-1 for the phase. The results demonstrate glycine as a useful biocompatible nonlinear material. This combination of the analytical model and polarization-resolved SHG transmission microscopy is broadly applicable for quantitative SHG material characterization and diagnostic imaging.
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