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Eleanor J. Giraud and J. Cornelia Linde
2021 February
A Companion to the English Dominican Province: From Its Beginnings to the Reformation
The English Dominican Province From Its Beginnings to the Reformation: An Introduction
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Dominicans, Order of Preachers, Blackfriars, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Britain, Medieval History
This chapter provides a survey of the history of scholarly engagement with the English Dominican Province in the Middle Ages and gives a brief overview of recent research on the Dominican Order as a whole. It first provides an overview of the creation of the English Province (and subsequently Irish and Scottish Provinces), up to the brief restitution of the Order under Mary I after it had been disbanded under Henry VIII. This is followed by an overview of existing scholarship on the Province, and the chapter closes by discussing the rationale underlying the different sections of the book, and provide brief introductions of the individual chapters.
Eleanor J. Giraud and J. Cornelia Linde
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