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Peric, Nemanja and Lambert, Yannick and Singh, Shalini and Khan, Ali Hossain and Franchina Vergel, Nathali Alexandra and Deresmes, Dominique and Berthe, Maxime and Hens, Zeger and Moreels, Iwan and Delerue, Christophe and Grandidier, Bruno and Biadala, Louis
Nano Letters
Van Hove Singularities and Trap States in Two-Dimensional CdSe Nanoplatelets
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Semiconductor nanoplatelets, which offer a compelling combination of the flatness of two-dimensional semiconductors and the inherent richness brought about by colloidal nanostructure synthesis, form an ideal and general testbed to investigate fundamental physical effects related to the dimensionality of semiconductors. With low temperature scanning tunnelling spectroscopy and tight binding calculations, we investigate the conduction band density of states of individual CdSe nanoplatelets. We find an occurrence of peaks instead of the typical steplike function associated with a quantum well, that rule out a free in-plane electron motion, in agreement with the theoretical density of states. This finding, along with the detection of deep trap states located on the edge facets, which also restrict the electron motion, provides a detailed picture of the actual lateral confinement in quantum wells with finite length and width.
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