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Clare J.;Kourousis K.I.
Learning from incidents: A qualitative study in the continuing airworthiness sector
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Aircraft maintenance Airworthiness Learning form incidents Safety management
2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. Learning from incidents (LFI) is a useful approach when examining past events and developing measures to prevent ensuing recurrence. Although the reporting of incidents in the aircraft maintenance and continuing airworthiness domain is well appointed, it is often unclear how the maximum effect of safety data can be efficaciously applied in support of LFI in the area. From semi-structured interviews, with thirty-four participants, the gathered data were thematically analyzed with the support of NVivo software. This study establishes a relationship between an incident in its lifecycle and the learning process. The main aim of this work is to elucidate factors that enable LFI. The analysis of the data revealed, for example, the benefits of a just culture and the use of formal continuation training programs in this respect. Moreover, it identified limitations inherent in cur-rent processes such as poor event causation and poorly designed learning syllabi. Additionally, as-pects such as a lack of regulatory requirements for competence in the areas of learning for managers and accountable persons currently exist. This thematic analysis could be used in support of organizations examining their own processes for learning from incidents. Additionally, it can support the development of terms of reference for a continuing airworthiness regulatory working group to ex-amine, strengthen and better apply LFI in the aviation industry.
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