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Unicomb, S;Iniguez, G;Gleeson, JP;Karsai, M
Nature Communications
Dynamics of cascades on burstiness-controlled temporal networks
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Burstiness, the tendency of interaction events to be heterogeneously distributed in time, is critical to information diffusion in physical and social systems. However, an analytical framework capturing the effect of burstiness on generic dynamics is lacking. Here we develop a master equation formalism to study cascades on temporal networks with burstiness modelled by renewal processes. Supported by numerical and data-driven simulations, we describe the interplay between heterogeneous temporal interactions and models of threshold-driven and epidemic spreading. We find that increasing interevent time variance can both accelerate and decelerate spreading for threshold models, but can only decelerate epidemic spreading. When accounting for the skewness of different interevent time distributions, spreading times collapse onto a universal curve. Our framework uncovers a deep yet subtle connection between generic diffusion mechanisms and underlying temporal network structures that impacts a broad class of networked phenomena, from spin interactions to epidemic contagion and language dynamics. Temporal networks in which interaction events are distributed heterogeneously in time are complex to model. Unicomb et al. propose an analytical framework for the analysis of cascading dynamics in such networks, relevant for spin interactions, epidemic spreading, and language dynamics.
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