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Ng, K;Klavina, A;Ferreira, JP;Barrett, U;Pozeriene, J;Reina, R
European Journal Of Special Needs Education
Teachers' preparedness to deliver remote adapted physical education from different european perspectives: updates to the european standards in adapted physical activity
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When schools were closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, teachers were challenged to engage children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) through remote teaching, particularly in physical education. The European standards in adapted physical activity (EUSAPA) have been used to define the competencies of adapted physical education (APE) teachers. Through a consensus building exercise, the standards were updated in this paper to include technologically supported pedagogy. Evidence from 125 APE teachers, who completed a technological communication inventory, modified versions of the technology, pedagogy and content knowledge scale (TPACK-21), and self-efficacy on including students with disabilities in physical education scale (SE-PETE-D), were used to inform experts to create technological indicators for the EUSAPA. Teachers used 3 to 4 technologies (email, phone, SMS, Whatsapp) to communicate with students and colleagues, and many reported low levels of technological content knowledge. Experts considered the need to add 13 new functions to the EUSAPA. Most of the functions were considered to be feasible to implement in existing practices and the other requiring extra resources or skills. As further training is planned, consideration of expertise is warranted when mapped against meeting standards.
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