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Cahalan R.;O'Sullivan K.
Complete Irish Dancer: Optimization Of Health And Performance In Irish Dancers
Injury management, recovery and return
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Injury and pain in Irish dancing (ID) is commonplace and often associated with negative physical and psychological repercussions. It can be challenging for teachers and dancers to identify potentially serious injuries, particularly in the case of those problems with a gradual onset. A collaborative, unified approach involving the dancer, teacher, parent and healthcare professional where appropriate can create the best environment for managing injury. This chapter provides guidelines outlining the management of acute (sudden onset) and overuse/recurring injuries. Signs and symptoms of potentially serious pathology are outlined to facilitate the timely investigation of same. Strategies to maximize time absent from dance due to injury are discussed and advice to support the safe return to dance is presented. Tips on distinguishing minor from severe ankle injury and the contents of the dancer/teacher first aid kit, are provided.
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